About Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a native San Diegan, and community leader with a 30-year career as an engineer, technology and environmental executive, foundation executive and non-profit board leader, and documentary filmmaker.

Her educational works have been broadcasted national on PBS/public television, and distributed by Cinema Guild, Films Media Group,  Aspen Institute, Democracy Collaborative, Department of Defense, Apple TV and numerous global digital platforms. 

She primarily works with entrepreneurs, academics, and non-profit leaders to advance science-based solutions and educational storytelling in support of environmental stewardship, community health, and equity through broad-based ownership.

Please enjoy and share her award-winning films, as well as information on the programs she is involved with in employee ownership, advanced technology, and entrepreneurship.

Documentary Filmmaker

Mary Ann’s documentary films and educational videos capture stories of entrepreneurial spirit, community, and sustainability.

Mary Ann’s films have been seen through film festivals in the U.S. and internationally, used in hundreds of university classrooms (viewed by tens of thousands of students ever year), used by hundreds of companies and professionals as training tools, and seen by hundreds of thousands through PBS/public television.

Yellow Warbler Media is inspired by the charismatic yellow warbler whose vibrant color and song express beauty, hope, and tenacity. Warblers represent diversify of ideas, and an expansion of one’s surroundings.

Mary Ann Beyster – Employee Ownership

From the MIT Sloan School of Management/Hitachi Foundation “Great Companies, Great Jobs” Action Lab

Video editing by Jim Galdos

Ohio Employee Ownership Center Award

The Foundation for Enterprise Development’s Mary Ann Beyster talks about receiving the 2015 John Logue Employee Ownership Excellence Award at the Ohio Employee Ownership Center’s 29th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference

Ownership & Social Impact

Mary Ann Beyster presents at U-MICH’s 2017 Women Entrepreneurs & Social Change Conference

What Others are Saying About My Work


What a fantastic film and what great work you do! As a fellow San Diegan I am especially proud of everyone at Olivewood!

– Alison R.


For those of us who teach, this is a must watch for our students.

– Nana S.


The inclusive nature of The Kitchenistas is so critical to improving our communities.

– Rosanne H.